Chairman & Founder

An illustrious business personality, Who grips an empire worth billion’s. Mr. Gillani belongs to an articulate family from the fertile soil of the Punjab. Started working as a marketer in the print industry of Pakistan. But destiny took him to the sparkling soils of United Arab Emirates. In a land far from home, this courageous & visionary professional plunged into the market as an entrepreneur. Successfully he grew as a business tycoon but returned home for he believed his country needed his expertise more than anything. Upon return he took another major risk & tried his metal at the dry, devious & tedious real estate industry. Success kissed his feet & he grew as a developer for the niche market of the country. This was just a stepping stone to the new horizons this respected gentleman was about to witness. Registering his name in the real estate world as a noted professional, Mr. Gillani took another risk that all together changed not only his persona but added a new luxury & class to the Kitchen Industry of Pakistan. Oulin introduced the concept of “Designer German Kitchens”, by bridging three countries together; namely China, Germany & Australia. This step worked as a precursor to the panache which the country was about to witness due to his efforts solely. The concept of providing “A complete Kitchen Solution” was to further diversify into “A complete & Comprehensive Home Solution”. This illustrious individual is noted for his class, elegance & style. The year 2014 marked a new milestone in his professional excellence when this visionary individual decided to launch the most remarkable residential facility in the history of Kharian/Sarai Alamgir in the fertile plains of the Punjab. He owns & operates more than five corporate entities, where as his operational activities stretch from UK, UAE, USA & Pakistan. Royalty comes to this man from his roots but being a self made, bold, dynamic & rationalized individual; he is even more acknowledged for his humility & down to earth nature. A cultured & seasoned professional as he is; Mr. Gillani is also noted as an esteemed philanthropist in the society. Because he believes “money, success & power can be made, anytime, anywhere & any how; but what matters most is a person’s legacy”.