Provide consumers products with exquisite taste and functionality; create an inspiring workplace for our employees; contribute to our society.


Commitment, integrity, innovation, perfection commitment – Oulin employees are dedicated to their responsibilities integrity – our honest and firm attitude wins us trust and respect from others innovation – our persistence in innovation creates our distinguished reputation perfection – our pursuit of excellence guarantees our customers beyond-the-value services.

Ultimate Spirit: integrity and perfection

Management Principles:

Distinctive services – customers are always our guests!
Military-like management – rigorous disciplines!

  • Human Resources: Employee-focused – they are our most valuable asset.
  • Quality Principles:
  • Distinguished products and heartfelt services – our unparalleled dedication to design, R&D, and manufacturing gives us our outstanding reputation. Our persistent pursuit of perfection and excellence are reflected in our products. Our integrity and commitment ensure our customers the best services and fulfill their most desired needs.
  • Corporate Strategies: “prepared, efficient, unique, perfect, learning, loyalty, strong, eminent”
  • Prepared - new concepts, strategies, schemes, products
  • Efficient - precision, sophistication, perfection, competence
  • Unique - taste, quality, prices, efficiency
  • Perfect - responses, actions, services, orientation
  • Learning - innovative, sustained, supportive
  • Loyalty - customers, co-workers, corporate
  • Strong – will, coherence, performance
  • Eminent – contribution, reputation, expertise
  • Management – 6 principles: transparent strategies, streamlined procedures, accessible business results, clear responsibilities, exclusive services, and rigorous disciplines
  • Our employees: sympathetic, passionate, polite, generous, diligent, sincere,committed, self-respect, self-confident
  • Our image: warm, energetic, healthy, honest, professional
  •  Objective
  • Our dedication to the research and development of household furniture and fixtures are materialized in our modern, environmentally friendly, ergonomical, and intelligent kitchens. Our kitchen appliances embrace the traditions of European up market products, embracing high technology and excellent quality. We aspire to develop the best of the best kitchen sinks. The least our kitchen cabinets fulfill customers’ desire for smart creations.
  • Ultimate goal: to create a world-leading brand
  • Current targets: R&D of household furniture and fixtures to create modern,
  • environmentally, ergonomically, and intelligent kitchens
  • Our kitchen appliances: European-standard, modern, high-tech, excellent quality
  • Our kitchen sinks: sophisticated, high-end, world-leading
  • Our kitchen cabinets:  intelligent, ergonomical, environmentally friendly , high-end


At the end of 2005, we opened our world-class industrial park. Our next project stretching over 10,000 square meters is in the pipeline. The new park will feature world-class kitchen R&D centers where experts around the world have long-term contracts with us as technical advisors.

With appliances being our core product we preserved well established traditions of high end, European products, We aspire to create state-of-the-art kitchen sinks, furniture and fixtures.

Our commitment and philosophy lie in the details. Being a dynamic company, Oulin successfully combines our promise of excellence and the tradition of perfection rooted in the Germanic heritage.